So I hopped on over to my WordPress account today to update my newest blog and realized that there were maybe half a dozen comments on here I hadn’t approved AND they weren’t getting pushed to my Gmail! Pfft thanks WordPress. (Just kidding, still love you, don’t delete me.) Frankly, I didn’t think anyone was actually reading this, and once I started working again I found myself with less time than before (as I spent my unemployed part of first quarter living at the coffee shop drinking espresso and waxing poetic on technology and posting it here… which can be more difficult to truly do at a 8-5 job.)

I’d love to get this ball rolling again though; maybe not with more than a few posts a week as I’m sharing the blogging love with my newest baby, PlantedLA (and moonlighting occasionally as the resident drinker and party provider at Uncouth Gourmands… I’m a renaissance woman I know) but I do miss the thought process that goes into this nerdy mishmash in particular. So… what do you guys want to talk about? Let me know and I’ll think a little through as well and get back on it this week!