(Oh yeah, I went there. Because a showdown in the wild west 2.0 would definitely be Trekkies vs. the Tombstone gang in their Sunday’s best.)

Tomorrow, there may be a new cowboy in social media town… or at least that’s what the hushed tones from the far corners of the internet’s peanut gallery have been gossiping about for the last 48 hours. Tomorrow, Google is going to ride in on his painted pony with his sidekick Gmail, guns a blazing, in hopes of chasing Facebook the Kid out-of social town. You see buckaroos, Facebook has run this town for quite some time, and Google has let him play with the regulation spurs and wear the shiny badge, but the old Sheriff never wanted to actually be replaced… and along the line, the Kid might have stepped on the Sheriff’s ostrich skin boots, and he doesn’t like it when people step on his boots. This town may only be big enough for one of them… will the Sheriff wake up tomorrow and dethrone the Kid at his own game? Or will the Kid prevail by doing what he knows best, leaving the Sheriff even further behind in his socially savvy dust?

(Seriously though, the Googs is making a big product innovation- aka “social status update feature for Gmail”- announcement tomorrow @ 10a.m. PST. You can catch the play-by-play on Mashable, or, you know, just bumble on over to your- oh the irony!- Facebook or Twitter homepage around lunchtime to see what your tech-savvy friends are saying. Or… come back here. Cause you know this little tumbleweed of a blogger never stops!)